I Miss You

by Paul (Ireland)

Lord, God of all that’s good in this world. The one I love, parted 6 years ago. My true feelings and intentions for her were never known by her, I think about her everyday. God please before my time is ended in this world let it be known to her that everyday I’ve thought of her. The lost of our connection has devastated me, I’m sure that my ways have devastated her too and I understand her making a new life without me. Please God, I don’t want to disrupt Jayne’s life but please let the truth be known provided it doesn’t disrupt her life and it means something to her still, otherwise I’m content of being disconnected and in dispair because it was my fault. If we do not resolve it this lifetime, I ask of you God to ask Jesus Your Son to explain the way I feel to her and the way she feels for me, for that may be the only way after a lifetime of separation and distance. I don’t know if I’m just crazy feeling like this if I really am please help me get better God. But if there is some good you have for me to feel like this God, then so be it, I accept it fully.

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