I miss my best friend Lydeia

by Ricco ()

Lord Jesus, thank you for giving us a chance to meet randomly in an online game. Lord I felt that the friendship I had with Lydeia has a big purpose. No matter how I tried to be careful I always end up hurting her. I got insecure that her life now has become really good and I am missing her company to spend time with each other. The days became painful for me of feeling missed out and felt that I can’t keep up with her. Thank you Lord for the second chance that you gave us back in 2017. We were having a blast in our friendship. People change on their wants and needs they will bravely turn back when the relationship had gone sour. I became needy of her attention afraid of losing myself to her that I felt I am fading away in her life. I know I should have practiced strength and the capacity to accept and understand the situation and not put pressure to my bestfriend. Lord Jesus, on this time of separation and disconnection I pray to you to heal our hearts and heal our minds. I ask my Angel who is always been by my side. To carry my love and thoughts and send these feelings to my best friend’s Angel. Whisper to her Lord that my line is always open when she decides to come back, I pray that at that time in the future we both become the best of ourselves and with an open arms accepting the grace you Lord given and gifted to our friendship. I pray for a time of our reconciliation may happen on this Earth or in Heaven. Lord Jesus and the Angels, and Saints in Heaven please heal us both make us a better person and serve you Lord. I pray that us both will be safe on this time of crisis. May we both find happiness and contentment and bigger purpose in life. I will always miss you my very best friend Lydia. Please take care of yourself, I love you my very best friend. I will always be here for you.

20201022 Thursday 9:30 AM

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