I made a mistake with a man I truly love

by Tracy (Manchester, Pa United States)

I made a mistake with a man I truly love. He has moved out several weeks ago. After that he’s kept in touch at his convenience I have cut him off because I felt like it wasn’t meaning for when he came by I’m praying for his forgiveness for his return to my life permanently for his return of his heart to be with me for him wanting Desiring and loving me again that we can move forward and build a lasting relationship together as one please touch his heart that he comes back to me with an open heart filled with love and one desire to be with me I also am asking for prayer to help me find a job that I can supplement my disability check pay my bills House of money to breathe to live to save to be able to have a vehicle to get back and forth to work I live in a non Transportation public transportation area 30 make a little bit of money on disability and I’m really falling behind I desperately need help financially not asking to be a millionaire just asking to be able to take my dog to the vet and not have to rob Peter to pay Paul I am so depressed because of his financial status and the lack of being loved I just wanted the end of love me share my life with and be happy I’ve suffered my whole entire life please break the curse give me love and Financial Freedom and my kids please read the depression in my children and myself please break the curse that has many ages of depression through this family I apologize for the long prayer I’m just very lonely heartbroken financially distressed and worried about my children and they’re suffering of Great Depression thank you in the name of Jesus Amen

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  1. Faith

    Good morning
    There is no curse
    My prayers are with you and your children
    Please go to church each Sunday
    Invite him let him know you will be there each
    Sunday and leave it at that Pray to the Lord
    To send you the right person which may be him
    But put your faith in Jesus

  2. Look for the positive...

    I’ve found the St.Therese Novena to be of great assistance, on many, many occasions.
    Start 9th of month (repeat 9 days). 24 Glory Be’s & “St.Therese of the child Jesus pray for us” between each one. As I struggle a bit, I ask for a sign that my prayers are being heard. You’ll know if you get it.
    Also i think it helps to give up something you really like for Jesus or Mary our mother, to show him how much you seek their help. Eg. Chocolate, wine, TV, etc.
    You sound very low, I think it’s time to seek some counselling and support outside of your family. Maybe also just try making a list of the positive things to thank the Lord for. You’ll be surprised by how much you have, sometimes this helps up to put things in perspective.
    You will come through this. x

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