I love you God

Please God, I’ve had a difficult year. I lost my home in a fire, and my car was crashed into and I still believed you would carry me through and you did.

Now i’ve lost my job. I’ve still held my faith in you God. Please help me gain the job soon. I love you God. Always and forever.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey dad..hpe ur good..like good…eeh good like greetings..techncally ur supergood..so dad..ur air is superfresh..ua water super ….h20..like really impoortant..na ua earth is super awesome..bt dad..uum dad do smthing abt isis. Well..dad..they are super bad…btw dad we are going for xmass..mmmh ur soooooo invteeeed dad..dad..btw dad much love u so rock..n dadb2015 is so near…i so wona be 2015 dad u

  2. Anonymous says:
    Thank God

    Thk u Jesus for days like today when u talk to me personally of yr love for me. Thks for moving me forward in life. Thks for taking controlof my life and my family. In Jesus name i thank u God.

  3. Anonymous says:
    God Bless You

    I ask now with all conviction that God Blesses you with so much joy and happiness/wealth and health. That you now may receive the Gifts God wants you to have!!! I don’t have to know you, but I know God personally and the divine is making his way right now, today he is blessing you. Be thankful that is all!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dear Lord, I pray for this person and family. Please send them comfort and carry them through this difficult time. Please send this person a job asap and that many others will come along and help them with clothing, food, money and most of all shelter…a home. Be very near to them at this time and bless them richly. amen

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