I love you God you are my everything and you know my heart

by Chanel (London)

In the name of the father the son and the holy ghost.God I come to you feeling like I have nowhere to turn. Tears pouring down my face asking you to help guide and protect me through this dark place that I am in. Only you can get me through this.

You know me more than anyone you know the heart I have the person that I am today. I feel like I am failing at every turn as a mother as woman as the person that you want me to be. I come to you asking for you to put your hands on my back to hold me up and keep me from falling. I don’t come to you to search and ask from material things ..money ..clothes..car..houses..but I ask you to motortaive me give me the strength to keep fighting daily hourly every minute. You see the life I have and the person I am. I have made many wrong decisions in my life ..I go down on my hands and knees and ask you to forgive me ..as I type this now my heart is heavy and I barley can see the screen but God I put it a in your hands because I know you are able.I really need you more than ever..help me wash away my sins..help me to stand on my own to feet..I am scared and alone and I have no one but you..

God I thank you for the mind and strength you give me cause without it where would I be..everything is in your hands ..this is a first for me..I know you have been calling me and I reject you beacause I feel like I am not worthy right now..God please put your hands on anyone that is reading this and is going through the same or similar situation as my myself no matter male or female..hear our cries…

I love you God you are my everything and you know my heart..bless the people in my life and put your hands on them please guide them in the right direction and if they shall fall stand beside them to hold them up..as I type this I feel love in my heart and strength in Jesus name