I love this man with all of my heart

by Monee (Chicago Il)

Dear Lord,

I wanted to take out the time to say thank you for allowing me to write this to you. Lord it’s a man by name of Cedric and I love him dearly with all of my heart and I know I’ve prayed about this a million times but lord my heart aches for this man I have never met such a beautiful man before and I know he is not perfect and he has a ton of flaws but lord I can see so past his flaws I know he is a very caring person who is caring a lot of hurt baggage from the past but lord please heal him from the crown of his head to the bottom of his feet he has travel down a dark path through life and got lost but he means well. Lord I can’t imagine not having him in mylife when I first met him I knew he was the one for me when I looked into his eyes I saw a reflection of myself which blew me away. Lord could you bless Cedric and I with a loving, trusting, supportive, respectful, Successful and faithful relationship lord I promise I would never hurt him and always be there for him during all of his times amen.

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