I Love O’Brian Lord…

by Beth (Nacogdoches)

Lord, I love O’Brian. Lord, I love Donny too. Lord, please help me. I really like ’em. Gig ’em horns!? I love you Biggie. Big Buddy. Please help me to do good. Please help me to do good as a person. Lord, I really thank you for this. I need your help. I am dealing with needing you and I pray that you will fix some things for me. You are really the Great deity. God bless you. I am encouraged, and I pray that you hear me and that you hear that part, that I am encouraged. Big Buddy, I really appreciate you. I pray, Big Buddy, that you hear me pray that I really appreciate you. Good Big One. You are Big Bud. Good. Now, I pray that you bless O’Brian. Lord, I pray that he is not suffering. Lord, I pray that you help him if that is what he needs. I pray for a better understanding of O’Brian Lord, if you see it to be a good thing. I really appreciate you and your helping me with my O’Brian Experience, aka, the Vivitar Experience O’Brian ’99. Which is of course as you know the ‘012 version. God bless you Big One. I pray that you are blessed today El Big Senore. You are a nice Deity. Lord, I pray that you know that I am happy today. I am feeling better now, that I have prayed. Please remind me to pray. You are gracious. You are magnificent. You are wonderful. Lord, I pray that you are powerful and omnipotent. I pray that you are omnipotent Lord. God bless you. I pray for Mary also Big Shiny One. I pray that O’Brian get it done, or get good, or become who you want him to be and I pray that he do what you want him to do. Lord, I am most thankful for your gracious affirmation of my faith. You special big wonderful being. I pray Lord, that you know that I love you and that I love you. I also pray that you explain that last part, because I can say that I don’t understand it. Please free me from the devil and sin, in this regard, as I have aforementioned. I love you. What is an O’Brian father. I pray that you tell me what O’Brian is. I pray that you teach me, and lead me, and guide me in a good way on this here topic. Big Shiny, I pray that you keep me safe and free from evil in also Don’s case. I pray that you help me understand that also, if you think it best in your will, etc. Please help me to be free from strife, and evil and confusion, if it is your will with regard to these men. I love you. In Jesus Name Amen.

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