I love him and want him back

by Alyssa (Dallas)

Dear Jesus,

I ask that you hear this prayer and open your ever loving heart. I love this man and truly believe that you chose him to be the man i spend the rest of my life with. I know he is angry and needs space. I thank you for all the lessons i’ve learned so far from this break up, i thank you for allowing it to bring me closer to you. I ask that you fill his heart with the same desire and love i have for him . I know he loves me and i know he believes this is what’s best, but after this time apart i do not agree. I truly believe our reasons for ending things are small ones that can easily be overcome. I am willing and ready to work on us. I ask that he open his heart and remember the love we have for eachother. I ask that he stop being stubborn and selfish and think about the true love and many years we shared together. I truly believe that if we come together again we can have an even better, stronger relationship. Please lord guide him back to me. I believe this break up was meant to give us both time to reflect on mistakes we made, show us that we need to appreciate eachother more, and teach us how to be our own happiness apart from eachother. I believe that i have learned this and i hope he has too. Please bring my love back Jesus, i miss him so much.