I lost my love, one that i never appreciated and respected

by Anon (New Zealand)

Today I am wanting to ask please guys help me pray for my love one to come back. He treated me like a queen, gave me everything i wanted but i was busy looking for love in someone else and never appreciated this guy. he stuck by me through thick and thin and my excuse to leave him was that he was ambushing me and making me feel suffocated because he was loving me so much. I deep down know that we are meant to be and I pray to god that he comes back into my life. Its been 6 months since i fully stopped talking to him, and then this year in 2017 i wished him on his birthday because i remembered celebrating his birthdays with him. i told him that in the last couple of weeks i had been changing myself and getting life back on track and i asked him if he could give us another go. i apologised and told him that i wanted to make things right but i guess i was a bit to late. 2 weeks after his birthday he told me he has a girlfriend. although his Facebook says single, he still has a couple emoji on there. He takes her on the same dates me used to take me on although he never shows her face. He said that he loved me and only me and i believed his love was real but then how come it was so easy for him to move on. I have now realised how much i love him but all i can do is pray that god will bring him back to me one day. i never want to go in between his relationship with his new girlfriend but all i can do is pray. and if its meant to be god will make us meet again. Please lord, the one above there help me answer my prayers.