I lift up the nations to you

by Maxxx (Michigan)

Most Gracious and Loving Father, as always I thank you for your gift of yet another beautiful day, for your mercies, your grace and your sweet love. I lift up the nations to you Father asking for your presence in the minds,the hearts and the decisions of their leaders helping them to glean wisdom from you for that which is for the good of “the people” in each of their respective territories. I also pray for family unity Father. We know that there is power in the blood – in the blood of Christ Jesus that is everlasting – and there is power too in family blood – the blood that binds and bonds, through the thick and through the thin, without alienation, born of love. There are also the children Father, the children all over the world. They need you so very much – to walk alongside them to hover over them and to dwell within them in order to survive. May some how – some way the goodness of your seeds be planted into their lives, may those seeds be watered and nurtured so that they may mature as helpers of your Kingdom works, going out into the world to share with others what was given to them. Father I thank you for it all, I praise you for everything and I love you to the utmost! Sealing this prayer in the name of Christ Jesus, Amen!

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