I know all things are possible through you….

by Tamara Moore (Cincinnati,Ohio)

Honorable oh patient loving merciful Father. As I pray this prayer, all worries melt away for you are my rock and refuge. Sometimes I get discouraged but I pray for your continual strength for you never put more on us than we can bare. I pray that my enemies that have tried to tear apart our happiness and family one day find peace and happiness in their lives. Protect us O Lord !!!!! I cry out to you dear Lord that you pull our family back together as it should be. Evil shall not prevail for he is beneath my feet. Be with us daily Father. In your name I pray Amen!! Pray for my soon to be husband children/step children and unborn seed brothers and sisters. The enemy is on attack mode but I claim him defeated by the healing blood of Jesus!!!!! God Bless

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