I just want to say, thank you Lord.

by Dorothy Branson (Louisville, MS)

My Lord, the giver of my life. I come to you today, just to say thank you. Lord, I’m so grateful for your love and your presence; allowing me to feel the sweetness of the Holy Spirit, for strengthening my faith Father. I’m so thankful for every day of hardship, every day I turned to you. Always trusting, resting in your word…

You’ve blessed me so much Lord, and as I humble myself before you today; I ask, in faith believing in your word that your blessings will continue in my life, I pray for mercy Father, please have mercy on me. Let my light shine so they may see you in me. … Oh God, allow us to see you are all we have, and all we need. Have mercy and bring peace to all of my brothers and sister, young and old; on behalf of us all Lord, I just want to say, thank you.

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