I just need prayer to bring my Matt back

by Melissa (Texas)

I am in need of prayer for my boyfriend Matt and I. We were going to get married and he was so in love with me. He postponed the wedding and can not give me a date now. His mother and father seperated and his mom left to Monterrey.

He was going to move where I live and now he feels he needs to stay in Houston to take care of his nephew. I am willing to move up there and he says he realizes that. He is not the same preson I fell in love with. He was so into our relationship and now he has not been so into our realtionship. I am so confused, I tell him I would let him go, but he says he loves me.

I just need prayer to bring my Matt back. That he will want us to start our life together and not put us on hold. Thank you so much…God Bless