I humbly ask a baby in my 5 years marriage that You have Blessed so much

by Tlalane (South Africa)

Oh Lord Please Remember me I humbly ask a baby in my 5 years marriage that You have Blessed so much ,Oh Lord today when I saw my period coming I was hurt because my periods were late with 2days I thought finally my prayers are answered I am pregnant, Lord I ask In the Name of Jesus Christ That this month You may not pass me by as You are blessing others with children let my name be put on that list whom you are blessing them with children, whom are crying and trusting in You Please give me just 1child,I really am sorry for my sins wash them away as well as my husband’s cleanse us and make us whole bless the fruit of our womb just as You Promised in Deuteronomy 28v 4 I decree and declare that it come to pass, time is limitless to You Father my enemies are mocking me Please put them to shame by blessing me with just 1child for only You can Lord. I thank You and I declare that this was my last period , I will conceive in Jesus Mighty Name, Thank You Father not only me and those faithful women who are crying like me to be remembered by You just as You did to Anna, Elizabeth. I love You Jesus , and I thank You , that woman who testified that You replaced her heart Valve when doctors were telling her that there is no hope Lord you gave her a new valve for her heart she was completely healed I believe for the same miracle this month to conceive and have a health, holy baby from you. Where we have wronged You Father fix us We love Naledi my step daughter so much though we don’t have a relationship with her but we give all to You Lord Just give us 1child Lord. I give You all the Glory and Honour in your mighty Name Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Holy Sprit I love you, please pray for me.

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