I Hope and Pray that my PO1 Civil Service Eligibility can use this coming promotion on October 10, 2017.

by Salin (Philippine Cebu City)

Almighty GOD in heaven, a loving and a kind hearted father,graciously compassionate,I thank you so much for the grace,the gift of life, guidance and protection that you shower upon us. Lord GOD I believe that there is no impossible to you, everything are possible and you are there alive watching over me.. I know I am not so prayerful but because of my dream in life to be promoted to the next higher rank as Police Inspector, I felt difficulties and hardship to pass my NAPOLCOM Police Inspector Eligibility, its been 9 times already I take the examination but still i failed.This coming October 10, 2017 is the submission of promotion folders and I remembered that I have my PO1 Civil Service Eligibility,I hope and pray that my eligibility can use this coming promotion.Lord GOD please help me and hear my prayers, touch the heart of the Civil Service in charge of Eligibility that they may allowed me to use my Eligibility for this coming promotion.Lord GOD without you in my life I am nothing,everything i have now is coming from you.I beg you Lord GOD kindly help me and hear my prayers that i can use my PO1 Civil Service Eligibility for this coming October 10, 2017 promotion.

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