I hope and I pray to St Jude that I can take the Civil Service Computer Examination this month of September 2017 here in Region 7, Cebu City

by Salin (Philippine Cebu City)

St Jude most holy apostle a faithful servant and friend of Jesus, please kindly help me and I pray to you, that this month of September 2017, I can able to take the civil service computer examination. St Jude I believe you have a loving, kindhearted and a graciously compassionate, I lay down my life,my future and my dream into your hand, to you there is no impossible all things possible that is why I humbly ask your help. My big problem is that I dont have eligibility for promotion this coming October 10, 2017. That is why I must take the civil service computer examination and be able to pass the examination in order for me to apply for promotion this coming October 10, 2017. St Jude I know and I believe you will help the needy, the desperate, alone and the hopeless like me, please kindly help me you are my hope and my bright future, everything in me I confide unto you…. Amen..

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