I have sinned against the one earthly man I love

by Savannah (United States)

Dear Lord,

I have sinned against the one earthly man I love, Lord. I have committed adultery even though we are not married. I feel our soul tie is deeper than intended, and now that a child is involved I fear that he is not the father. Father, I pray to ask your forgiveness and that we find closure in this paternity test and I pray that despite the outcome he will truly stay lile he has promised. Lord, I know I have resisted asking you for my truest desires, but, Lord, I want him to be the father, I feel like I need him to be the father. He is everything I’ve imagined an earthly father to be and I just want family that can follow you even in our darkest times. I don’t want to deal with our daughter having two earthly father figures and I just want to be right about one thing in my life, Lord. I want to be the best student for you so that our daughter may be my best teaching experience for you…. Lord, I ask that you heal us from all evil spirits attempting to disrupt your grace and mercy….. I ask that you heal us as a family unit, Vannessa, Kenneth, and I. Heavenly Father I ask that you continue to love us no matter what we do and we shall forever glorify you and your holy name. Lord we shall prosper as long as you continue to love us unconditionally and we will follow you in every word of wisdom given. God, if we stray away from your word we have no doubt we will find our way bck home. I love you, Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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