I have prayed to God to help me clear a debt

by Susan (Uganda)

Am kindly requesting fellow Christians to join me pray for my financial help.

I have prayed to God to help me clear a debt that l used to help my family when our children where sick and we had to pay rent for the house.

I have always asked God to help me find means to pay this money back because l feel this debt has pushed us not to grow financially. at times l feel like God has forgotten me and l even feel may be l do not know how to pray.

I have great hope that if we can have the debt cleared then we can be able to keep a good relationship with family members and friends. if we do not pay it then we are loosing those we love and people who have been so helpful in our lives.

Pray for me as we join hands to my miracle. its really going to be a miracle
Dear Lord help me get money pay off this debt because am about to give off what we have as a family.our only asset. Am not asking to be rich but for what is enough.

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