I have prayed for a miracle that this back rent debt be canceled somehow

by Mia (NYC)

I have prayed for a miracle that this back rent debt be canceled somehow against me in your name, these people will not stop bothering me, now they won’t give me a renewal lease unless I agree to pay an increase of 550.00 in rent, they lied on me in court, this case has me so exhausted, I feel lik Im screaming, and no one is listening to me, my lawyer acts as though he doesn’t know anything, or how to fight these people, I feel like I’m doing more of the work he should be doing, I’m crying and scared, it’s affecting me physically, and yes my faith has wandered, I have faith, but man can get to you, my keys to my building they cut off, all the porters and security won’t stop doing things to make it hard to live here, now the landlord trying to get away with this rent increase, I cannot afford this and am afraid of being homeless, I pray God be in that courtroom and give my lawyer a powerful tongue and be fearless when fighting for me, take the smart attitude away and work for me, I pray for a financial blessing like I never would’ve dreamed up, to please take away this ADD ADHD from my son, let him be away bless of think rationally and see the danger in stuff, be successful, I pray over my finances, I can pay off all debts easily, I can be a blessing and give people hope, I pray for stronger faith , I pray for my son’s dad to live back in NYC for his son, I need help from him, being a single mother is so hard, I’m breaking down everyday on top of this court case, I pray for me that I am able to work faster at my job, be aware, and not tire out of easily, I pray for a well overdue raise to 50,000 a year, I’ve worked so hard and have not gotten recognized for it, I pray all these things in my Lords name…Amen

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