I have nowhere to move to, no money for moving expenses

by Frank (Columbus, OH, USA)

6PM January 15, 2017. I have nowhere to move to, no money for moving expenses, and may lose lots of personal property, if I cannot acquire the money I need to postpone or avoid the eviction. I am not on a waiting list to get into a homeless shelter if I am evicted. I pray that if I am evicted, that it will not I pray that Jesus Christ will bless me with what I need to avoid being evicted from the above address at happen until I have a warm place to move into, and can afford to put my personal belongings in rental storage units. Also, I would have to sell my 1981 Plymouth Reliant station wagon that I wanted to get repaired. I pray that Jesus Christ will perform the miracle of helping me to acquire the money I need to avoid being evicted from where I live on Sunday, January 15, 2016. This eviction would result in my losing 5 beds, lots of furniture, refrigerator, freezer, washer, dryer, one car, one station wagon, and perhaps over $10,000 worth of electronic items, and a lot of dress clothing (suits, trench coats, shoes), outdoor work clothing, etc., lots of tools for yard work, house work, and auto work, 2 artificial Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, expensive dinnerware, etc. I have nowhere to move to. Jesus Christ, I ask You to create some hope for and completely remedy the situation for January 15, 2017 eviction notice and also allow a miracle to happen to me for the Glory of God so that I will have a testimony of how You, Jesus Christ, opened and made a way when the odds looked like that there was no way in sight. I believe that there is a way, but without Your help Jesus Christ, I may not be able to ever open the door that is the entrance to the way. I ask that You choose me Jesus Christ to worship You, praise You, and do some work for You to not only help others learn more about You, Christ, and praise You, but also, if it is in Your will, to choose me to take part in laying treasures in Your Heavenly Kingdom, and if possible, to expand the number of people that will be in Your Kingdom. I am in extreme danger of losing some of what I need to do what I ask that You choose me to do. I ask that You, Jesus Christ, help me to keep what I need to serve You with.