I have no one else to turn to

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my name is Steve and i have a lot of financial trouble. it all started in 2015 when i got involved with a woman named Charlene and we tried to start a small textile we had a business deal in place but the Malaysian Government imposed an extra tax that was not previously disclosed. Long story short they impound our textiles and i ended up loosing 350K of which 100k is unsecured debt. Charlene blamed and left me. I also misfiled my taxes, because i was over my head so i also have tax debt. This whole time six years now i have been supporting my brother because he has not been able to work and i have been scaping by. He also now owes my 75k in expenses and he got an inheritance and mow has a million dollars but refuses to pay me anything. i am only asking him for 12k of the 75k but he refuses. i feel so alone and i feel like no one care about me or appreciates anything that i have done for them. This is why i am asking for prayer because every morning i wake up disappointed that i woke up. i am sick to my stomach with fear and regret. I now i should more faith in God and i am sorry that my faith is weak but i cannot catch my breath. i thank you for taking the time to read my story and God bless you

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