I have never stepped into church for the past 18 years of my life

by Tiff (Singapore)

I was introduced to christ by my ex-boyfriend, i have never stepped into church for the past 18 years of my life. i believe the lord made me meet my ex-boyfriend for a reason. 1 year with bob was happy yet painful because of my bad attitude, we broke up because of some thing really small and childish. whenever me and bob fought, he will tend to say ‘jesus is the centre of our relationship, let’s look unto him’. i regretted breaking up with him over something that small. now he changed to the old him, where he is mean and rude and he hates me too. i heard he stopped going to church and he has been drinking and partying recently. lord, it has been a year since we broke up and he is still in my mind and i miss him from time to time. they say god have better plans for us, lord if you lead me to the decision 1 year ago, why after 1 year i still miss him? i suffered enough silently, i have never told anyone how sad am i. i thought 2017 would be the year i really get over him. jesus, you granted me a man that loves me and loves you. i lost him, i would not dare to ask you to give that man back to me. all i ask from you is to heal our hearts, i believe he has gotten over me. its time i get over him and seek another man that loves you as much as you love me. i will walk in faith that you will bring that man to me soon, in jesus name i pray. AMEN. praise the lord!