I have never prayed before

by Danny (Vancouver B.C. Canada)

Never did in my life had pray before my Lord, and I don’t know how but just speak out from my heart. It’s true my life is running out of options. I know having some one will come through NOW will be almost 0. I just hope life for my kids and families will be better then my. I think I am a hard worker with big dreams, infect I know I can really get over this if I can just have 6-12 months more time. All my business seeds planted have start growing,and I should be able to reach my fruit very soon. I know it’s not right to come to you becuase of what I am in, but I have no where to go anymore. So God please help me, and I’ll pay back everything you give and plus more to the others if I can made through this one. Amen

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  1. GOD is concerned about every detail of our life

    You took a brave step to admit you has never prayed before. I find it hard to believe that you have not, even if unconsiously called upon the Lord at some point in your life. Some times one can be confused as to prayer is all about. Prayer is communicating with the Lord, simply saying Lord have mercy, or asking Him to forgive us for something we have done & or something we have not done that He tells us to do in His Holy Word.You are on the right track just know we are to thank Him in all things , not just asking Him to do or give us something or meet our needs. Your greatest teacher for learning to pray is to consult the Bible, also talk to a minister , get in a Bible Believing Church that teach what the power of the Lord can do. Also, pray to get to build a relationship with the Lord, JESUS. Read Matthew 6:33,and seek to get understanding. God bless & keep you.I am headed to Bible study &I will pray for you.

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