I have made terrible mistakes in my life, sins that I have no answer for

by Stephanie (Home Is Where My Heart Is.)

Heavenly Father,
I have made terrible mistakes in my life, sins that I have no answer for. I am forgiven because You sent Jesus to pay the ultimate price. I have never laid with another man during our marriage and I never will. My husband asking me and our son to leave nearly a month ago has broken my heart beyond repair. He is my best friend and soulmate. I am afraid he has sought refuge of female flesh in order to heal his own heart but I’m willing to forgive him if he can forgive me for my dishonest ways. He wants a divorce immediately, but I do not. He openly admits to still loving me and I believe him Lord because we were made one of the flesh 7 years ago. I can’t let him go. I pray that You keep guard over our marriage and keep away anyone or anything that seeks to harm us. I pray for reconciliation Dear God. I pray for Your guidance and that You will keep speaking to his heart even when he tries so hard not to listen. Please silence those who seek to keep us apart and help to heal our family. I will respect and honor my husband as You command and will keep my family strong through Your teachings. I love You God and thank You for the blessings You have bestowed on me! I hold on tight to You Lord, as I cannot do this alone. You are my salvation.

In Your Heavenly Name I Pray,