I have given $ to help others all my life Now I need financial blessings ASAP!

by DEBORAH (Lake Worth FL USA)

Dear Heavenly Father:

Please guide me & strengthen my faith to hear you & follow your divine will & purpose for my life Lord.
Thank you for saving my life so many times with the stroke, car accident, list goes on & on. Tu for successful VP Shunt brain surgery with my husband last month. Please help us with our finances & bless us with OVERWHELMING FINANCIAL FREEDOM so we can continue to do your work & bless others with it!
I am eternally grateful for my Angels & my intuition you give me daily. I am grateful for your love & patience even when we don’t always get the memos you send us. Tu for your sense of humor & your sacrifice. I want you to be proud of me when I finally do see you (again), & praying it’s not in the near future lol! Anyway, tu Jesus for all your blessings, miracles, manifestations & clarity you continue to provide me with & not sure why I continually receive so many miracles but I will GLADLY receive them & glorify your name forever! Tu Jesus hugs & kisses 4ever!
Deborah S

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