I have faith that you will answer my PRAYER today

To my heavenly father who love’s me:FATHER God I am you’re daughter, and I have suffered greatly, you know everything that I have gone through, and everything that I continue to fight everyday, I want to serve you FATHER, please help me to activate my life, please help me through this storm, because of my financial reuin, due to a bad divorce, and all of the plans of the enemy to take away my life, my famille lives,I am not saying that I haven’t made mistakes, I have and I am forgivin,THANK you for you’re GRACE FATHER, but I am in a horrible pit,and father in desperation I come to you in prayer along with my brothers and sister’s of Christ, for a much needed financial breakthrough-blessing to save my life,I see no way out,but I have faith that you will answer my PRAYER today, Lord you are my hope, in Jesus name I pray-amen-THANK you Jesus for saving my life!!

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