I have faith in you and I am asking your forgiveness

by Roshini (Malaysia)

God , i come to you to pray for your blessings on to heal my broken relationship . I believe it all happened due to my mistakes and sins . Now that i have realized and repenting each day for it . I am feeling helpless . I need your help .

I have faith in you and i am asking your forgiveness for all my dues and mistakes in the relationship . Please forgive me God . I promise i will not repeat them and i will give my best 100 % to my partner throughout my life . i love him truly and want him for always till my last breath . He said to me he doesn’t feel the love anymore and the sparks has gone . Please bring back the love in him for me and the sparks in the relationship . I really want to save this relationship and make it work with your help and blessings . please give us / me a chance to correct all my mistakes and prove my love towards him .

I pray on his behalf too for our relationship , Please take care of him . Please guide and direct us to the right path to restore our relationship . we are your children and want to be peacemaker. We need you god . Please bring us back together . In the name of Jesus . Amen !