I have been trying to get a job with no success since January

by Jose E. Costa (Savannah, Ga)

Hi I really need a prayer from the most people I can get.

As of now my wife was made to retire as a veteran, the problem is that her income was the main source for the house. By the end of the month June, we will have technically no income.

I have been trying to get a job with no success since January. We have two little boys that are two young to know what is going on but this event has changed our life. We will be force to rent our house and move to her home state idaho since we know ppl that can helps us there family and such. We are really depressed and have been bending knees for a long time. We really don’t know what else to do, and we need you’re help on this prayer.

We really don’t care much about us is mostly about the children and providing for them. We really need this prayer to help us move safely to idaho and have a job that will provide for all of us. We have a plan, but things just keep getting worse for us.

Thank you for your prayers in advance and God bless you all for this action.

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