I have been off work without pay now for over about 10 days

by James (Kentucky.)

I have been off work without pay now for over about 10 days, I won’t get a check next payday, my bills are behind, collectors calling left and right. My bank account is 955$ over drawn. I have no money to support my family like they deserve to be treated. My daughters 8th birthday is coming up this weekend and we planned on having a party for her at the pool, but with me being out of work looks like we will have to cancel that. The stress from always being financially strapped and never having enough to cover everything is weighing on me. My health is deteriorating my anxiety is running wild, I try to hold it together for my family my fianc and our four kids but it’s hard, it’s hard to tell them everything will be ok but in your heart your not sure how it can all be ok or when. I just need something positive to happen my life has been in ruin for a while now, I lost my brother to a drug overdose, my wife cheated on me and moved to another state. I know only see my son and daughter on weekends. I am never happy anymore I don’t know how to be. There seems like to here is a big black cloud just hanging over me making sure my life fails and everything in it. I just pray that one day everything will turn around and I can just breath a little easier.

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