I got my heart broken by a man i dated for 4 years

by G (Kenya)

I got my heart broken by a man i dated for 4 years. He commited to someone else.they had a traditional introduction ceremony and now they got a kid together. Been having trouble getting over him. He asks for forgiveness and wants us to have a relationship telling me he made a mistake and he is not together with the lady. I still love him and this clouds my decision and thinking as deep down I want things to go back to the way they used to be. But my mind tells me he cannot be trusted. This dilemma is tearing me apart. I cry most nights.

I keep on praying for clarity and direction from God. Healing as well so that I don’t cry over this betrayal anymore.
Help me pray for direction and healing
I prayed novena of divine mercy for 10 days asking for direction and healing but I still feel empty,confused and lonely