I finally had a job call me back today, Thank you Lord

(Port Saint Lucie, Florida, USA)

Dear Lord, I come before you as humble as I know how, and I pray for your grace and mercy and ask that your will be done in this opportunity that has arisen in my life. I have been out of a job for a very long time now and I am a single parent trying to raise my kids the best that I can.

I finally had a job call me back today and I have an interview tomorrow, I am praying for the opportunity to get hired with this company, they do a national background check for the last 7 seven years and I’m not happy to say that I have a vop (violation of probation) charge from a charge that is almost ten years old and I also have a worthless check charge within the 7 years so I also pray that they do not see these two minor charges as been problems to keep me from becoming employed. Lord, I need you rightnow and always and father i really need this job. In Jesus name Amen