I feel nothing but anxiety, fear……..

by Donna (Alabama)

Been out of work since Feb 2014. I have searched job boards for nine months. It made me physically ill today to even look at them. I’m 59 and I think my age has been used against me. I know that’s not supposed to be the case but how could I prove otherwise when I applied for jobs I knew I could do.

My husband has been off work with internal illnesses since 10/21with no pay. He’s been to hospital twice, had about six out-patient procedures and another next week. Bank accounts is overdrawn. Our retirement accounts are small but may have to pull from them. Then were would we be in five or six years?

I fear losing everything and at our ages, it’s not an option.

I find myself thinking about doing things to put an end to all of this. This physical pain in my heart and stomach on a daily basis is fast becoming unbearable.

I’ve heard that strength comes in numbers. Please pray God, sweet Jesus through the Holy Spirit help me and my husband find a way. I once was strong, now I weak.

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