I fear for my life

by Marie ()

There is this crazy woman at my job who has caused nothing but chaos since she arrived here. Long story short she is very obsessed with me, and I feel she is very unstable, and may one day go postal on our office with me as her main target! She has lashed out at me and others on our team literally, however I seem to be the Nexus of her misery, and grievances somehow, along with a couple of others here, to the point that if a stranger asks her how she is doing, or how she likes the section she starts going in on me, and they are looking at her like she is crazy? I don’t even talk to, or interact with her at all or at very minimal because I have to for work or just slightly cordial. Management doesn’t seem to see a need to remove her at all? Actually, they did but it was temporary and now she is back and starting trouble again, it’s like they are afraid of her she has already filed an EEO complaint against two managers, that is why they pacify her and moved her. Now she’s back and since I can’t get senior leaders to wake up and do something even just for my peace of mind, I am standing in the need of serious prayer. Now I am getting to the point that I fear for my life in this office, especially the way some things have happened in the world. PLEASE pray for me, please! I just interviewed for a position in Germany and I am praying that God’s plan is for me to have the position and I leave here soon even if it means leaving my family here for a few years. I pray that she be removed soon or that I can go, I am afraid it might be a bad situation. Thank you for your prayers!

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