I don’t want to ask for too much but

by Daughter of a king ()

Firstly I want to thank the Lord for the things I have been given. My family, the love that i feel on a daily basis from my partner who the lord brought in to my life after hearing my cries at night. For the love of my beautiful kids and the little friends that i have. I just wanted to ask for guidance for my children. Lord I need you to keep them safe and well. As of now we are all in good health and I pray it stays that way. I also pray for guidance for my partner. He has so much he wants to achieve and I pray that he reaches these goals. He’s very family orientated and has many goals in life. His dad is ill with Cancer and so i want to pray foe strength for him. He has an amazing soul. I cannot complain about my life. I am happy but what saddens me is the suffering of other people, children mainly. I pray that the suffering of children ends. It hurts my heart to hear and see. Also I’d like to pray for myself. I feel like that is a selfish request but I’m going nowhere in my job. I just want to succeed or get a promotion. I understand this takes dedication and hard work which I’m no stranger to but my family come before any job and I can’t spend all day at work if they need me too. So I just ask for strength to be able to achieve the small goals that I make myself throughout the year. Thank you.

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