I dont wanna lose our home for me

by Natasha (Sask.Canada)

I have my faith in so many wayz, I was brought up in my native way, one thing I was always taught was to have faith in prayer for the belife in love of the creaotor and god, in the faith of all man kind peace and prosperity will come you and family.

I have like everyone else had to over come many, many hardships but some how made it thru. we lost our home in house fire thank god noone got hurt but we lost everything thatz material things.

our community got together to find us a new home which is the beautifulest place i have ever lived, before the fire I lost my mom, a year b4 my sister, after my mom my brother, the home we live in now is our palace.

i dont wanna sound ignorant im so worryd the owners are puttn the house for sale, where will we go?? I have been part of this community for over 15 years where will we go plz pray for us plzz,,I send my love and peace too you all,,god bless

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  1. Be true and responsible to yourself

    Your prayer has touched me. I would like to pass along to you the prayer that my father would say everynight that he was home ( which was not very many over my first ) 18 years.

    He prayed that I would understand what it meant to pay yourself first. When you receive money for working hard the first person that deserved to be paid was you. He said – Lord please let my child understand what it means to be self supporting. Teach him that everytime he receives a paycheck that he pays himself first for his hard work. Allow him to be independent through his savings. If he makes $10.00 teach him to save $1.00 for himself. If he makes $100.00 teach him to save $10.00 in his own bank account for him personally as an example of his hard work. Teach him to never spend his savings but teach him to reinvest the money. If he looses everything give him the strength to stand up and do it again. You and I know Lord that I will not always be here on earth for him. He will have to walk through this world on his own. Give him the strength to start saving again. Money makes money. Save it in safe place and never tell anyone that you have money. Praise be to the almighty God in Heaven that everyone reads the fine print and understands for themselves the fine print. Amen

  2. Fear Not

    “Where ever the Will of God takes you the Grace of God will protect” I said a prayer for you tonight

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