I don’t wanna live

by M ()

Dear Lord Jesus,

it’s been so difficult to live lately. I feel lonely, invisible, and disappointed by by own self, for not being good enough to live. I’ve seen people accomplished things, they have been rewarded by You and how you care for them, but it feels like I’m struggling with this brokenness and emptiness. I feel like I’m worthless. I feel like I’m no longer living. I feel neglected and have no one to run to, even when I pray, I don’t really know if You answered me. I feel confused and dark and sad, extremely exhausted by everything I am.

Lord Jesus, please send help. Please forgive me for the sins and I’ve made. I know You have died for me and release me to salvation. I know You are powerful, able, and faithful. I know, and I hope that You’d do the same thing to me as You are to the past bible characters and others that I’ve witnessed. I am longing to be loved and I am longing to live, my Lord, please let me be fulfilled in this life and let me free from this intimidation and burden.

Please send help, Lord, because it’s getting harder to breathe, and I just want to end this suffering. I’m exhausted, I’m lost in words. I don’t know what to do, but I still believe You’d do something about this. Take this wheel, Lord, I’m begging, and have mercy on me. My faith is being tested, and I don’t know if I ever gonna hold it any longer. I’m too tired.

In Jesus name I pray and I trust. Amen.

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