I don’t deserve my family.

God please allow me to keep my job, my family and i depend on it so much. I know it’s my fault that it’s in jeopardy. And I I have put my family in this position. I would also like the strength to deal with this demon that is drug addiction. Thats why I

Here in the first place. Grant me courage and strength to fight my addiction and keep my job so I can continue to support my family.

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  1. Please read!

    Please, please if I can suggest one other thing along with praying to GOD. Get into AA. It works for alcohol and drug addictions and geet a sponsor right away. It is saving my life right now! I have you in my prayers! Turn it over to God right now!

  2. YOU do deserve your family - love them love yourself

    Not everyone deserves a family but God blest you with one, He can see deep into your heart where man can only see the outside. We judge not against you, we lift you up to the our Lord Jesus for strength, encouragement and deliverance from your alcoholic addictions.

    I agree with the other writers, get help, there is no shame in seeking help. Don’t let the devil steal your joy, your family and most importantly steal your soul. The devil is a liar. The bible says the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy…

    Know that YOU are loved by the Almighty and HE is just waiting for you to come to HIM, his yoke is light…..take hold of it..my friend….

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