I do pray to God to send me financial blessing

by ANON (Ireland)

Hi have been praying the rosary & attending mass & begging God to help me financially as I’ve been in debt since 2011 & can barely afford to survive after my job closing down last year it has been very difficult.

I do pray to God to send me financial blessing & win fall of some sort to pay all my debtors & start again to allow me to enjoy life without the constant worry of having no money to repair my car & struggling to but fuel in or have food to eat.It’s been like this for years. I don’t believe God cares too much when he allows his so called loved one to have this much stress in their lives that their health is suffering & cannot afford doctors fees!

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  1. Anon

    God hears you, I just lost my job of two years from a unfair manager. I also lost my job of 13 years three years ago. I know how it feels to struggle not have enough food bills not paid. Now I lost my health coverage as well. Although I decided every aspect of my job I was thankful to work. Now I have to start over its hard interviewing and not getting the YES your hired as you truly need. Hold on to your faith ( trust me been there to) feeling as if God doesn’t Care for me. Yet God loves his children he adores us. All the pain you and I are enduring I know The Lord has bigger plans for you and for me. First you must pray seek forgiveness for your sin and most importantly forgive yourself. Your not a failure, you have not failed my friend in Christ. Pray without ceasing. He will provide find blessing in everything. Although your struggling you’ve managed this far not alone my friend you and I are not alone. God loves us

  2. financial very lacking

    i am self employ, going round the car work shop to sell equipment, such as lift , jack, tools, diagnostic scanner. Prospect is hard to come by , even i find a prospect will face competitors and price war is always a problem, Luck is always not on my side, even deal is confirm but always delay or other problem will crop up, or not successful. Leaving me with dept and very hard to make end meet.I have my son in university, credit card dept, apartment maintenance fees to pay and many more. Always worry about no money, no money for medicals fees and medicine and many necessity.
    Not to mention about saving i have none , i am in the middle of sixties already. please prayer for me for financial supply abundantly and relationship with my wife is also very dad.

  3. Don't give up

    God is there for you….he will be there on time to help you through it all. don’t lose your faith.

  4. Faith

    Dear Lord I pray for Anon
    Please hear and bring blessings
    Anon please go to church each Sunday
    Jesus also needs you

  5. Faith

    I believe Jesus hears you
    He will come through for you
    Trust him I know it is hard pray to the Holy
    Spirit each morning to come to you
    I pray for you and for Jesus to guide you and
    Provide you with the tools to accomplish
    Your wishes

  6. Keep faith

    Sometimes when we pass through hard times it looks as if God has deserted us. But when we look back, we find out He’s the only reason we have made it through so far. Dear Anonymous, tell God exactly what you need and you will be surprised.

  7. help in finding peace of mind from panic attacks and lack of finances and good health and to find it in my heart to forgive my partner for killing my dog when i was asleep broken hearted here

    broken and not able to meet the demand of my bills and trying to forive my partner for killing our dog while i was still asleep

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