I desperately need the love of my life back!

by Karen (Idaho)

The man I love more than anything on earth,left me last month. not only he left me but he did not give me right explanation and ever since, he has been ignoring me. I can’t help it but cry every day and every night. His ignorance is killing me. I wake up in the middle of the night hoping that maybe he emailed me, but there is nothing 🙁 words cannot describe the pain I feel in my heart. Sometimes I feel I cannot take it. I have had lots of hardships in my life including failed relations, but nothing has hurt me more than this. Please God help me return him back to my life. I will forgive him. I just want him back and live the life we have imagined together. I am so sensitive lately and cannot hear people telling me there are other men. I do not want other men! I want him, I have always felt it that he is my soul mate. Please pray that my love returns to me!

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