I cry to you once again for your mercy over my life and asking for your forgiveness

by Louie (Winnetka Ca Usa)

Dear jesus. Please let your will be for me and mona to be as one again. So that we can serve you as a whole and raise our children in the matter you intended children to be raised in. Jesus I cry to you once again for your mercy over my life and asking for your forgivness for the 18 years of pain that I gave to mona and my kids.

Jesus you know how much I love mona and you know that I realized what I did and did not do for and to my family in the 18 years with them. You know that my heart desires to take care of them like a husband and a father is supposed to. Please jesus, please I beg you lord, give me one more chance to make things the way I need to make them. Let me be monas husband again so I can struggle a take care of her like I have to as a man, but this time with your guideance, and wisdom so that I can grow old with the woman that you gave me 18 years ago.

The woman that I so deeply am in love with and I dont want to ever not have in my life. In jesus name I beg you lord please give let it be your will , please soften monas heart and allow her to fall in love with me all over again. Lord please dont give another man to her that is not me . Please have mercy lord. And allow me just one more try with my beautiful Queen. So that I may be complete. Please jesus, I throw myself at your mercy. Give me back my georgeous Mona. Please jesus. Help me. Move a mountain for me. In jesus name I pray this, amen

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