I come to you today with a broken heart and a broken marriage

by James (SF Bay Area)

Heavenly Father, I come to you today with a broken heart and a broken marriage. My wife has left because she has been tempted away by the will of satan. You brought us together nearly 10 years ago, and while there have been many rough times between us, there have been years of deep committed love between us.

Five years ago when she left you brought her back to be my wife. We stood in that church and made vows to each other and to You, we washed each other’s feet in your name that you might bless and keep us whole and dedicated to each other and to You. She has forgotten her love for me. She has forgotten the vows we made.

She has called out to others for affection and guidance when she should’ve called out to you. I have been weak, I have not given her what she needs but you showed me the way. Your love shined a light into the darkness of fear and doubt that kept me from being a true husband to my wife.

Now that your love has surrounded me in my quest to be a true husband and a true man of Christ, please shine that same light into my wife’s heart that she may realize, that she may see as I do, all the love we have shared and all the life together you want for us.

In Jesus Holy name I pray lord, quiet her doubts, calm her spirit and turn her feet from this evil. Be a lamp to her feet guiding her home. Amen

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