I Come humbly before you, Lord asking that you rain down your blessings

by Rosa (Norfolk, Va)

Dear God,

I Come humbly before you, Lord asking that you rain down your blessings and your mercies upon my household. I gratefully submit that if it had not been for you I would not have made it this far. Father, I am so grateful for all that I have and all you have seen fit to provide, but Lord I now find myself in a financial bind that only you can get me through.

I speak your name and my situation out in the universe hoping YOU and I are on the same path. Lord I name you to open the doors to a financial blessing for me and my family today. I am aware that through your grace and mercy all things are possible. My faith also allows me to believe that no harm shall fall upon me and my family because our allegiance is to the one true God, his son, the Lord Jesus Christ and the holy spirit. Father I lift up mine eyes toward the heavens because this is where my strength and salvation comes from. All my life Lord I have been told that if I make one step, you’ll make two. Jesus I am asking that you make those steps today.

God does not allow his people to suffer, and it is in his word that HE has promised he will provide us with what we need. Lord you know in your infinite wisdom what is going on in my life and what I need to get through these trials, so I trust in you to make everything all right. All that is required of me is that I keep YOU first, allow you to take the wheel and Keep the faith.

GOD, I await your blessing in the name of my savior, your son the Lord Jesus Christ in whose name I ask all things. I thank you for I know it is already done. AMEN