i cheat on my wife im sorry to say

by Joe (Monile Ala)

i cheat on my wife im sorry to say . But at the time we was distance her youngest son was on drugs and and jail now her older son had problems and can live with us for 7 month and her job was stressful to i was about to turn 60 and well what now im old and my job alot of worker there are in there 20 and 30 i was stress out to o felt like the movie intern two old guy witk at gooles that was me our sex life was almost dead maybe once every 3 to 4 weeks becauseof the stress i guess who know and them it happen we had three vist and she when to jail over pawn her exhuband wedding rings and lost them we talk a little and that was the end i thought still last week she text my wife and told her a lot got 50.00 grom me to keep it a secret i agree and told any way text me lady friday for 50.00 ate she wad only to show all the texting i want to find it and the shame too so i pay it now my wife so mad she block me from texting her kick me out im not a bad person i make a bad mistake and my promise to God never for it again i saw the pain on my face back in September never want to see it again so yes i cheat but still it no excuses i ask for the load forgiveness and helping me out and saving my married but no listening i really leaned my lesson

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