I can pray or worry but I can’t do both so I am going to pray!

(Louisiana )

Saint Joseph I come to you now in Jesus’ name to put all of my worries away. There are so many opportunities happening right now for our family that we are not sure what the right path is for us.

God already knows our future and knows the correct path for us to take we ask that you please intercede for us and pray that the correct path, the correct opportunities be evident to us. Lord knows our family needs, financial needs, etc and we ask St. Joseph that you pray to our savior to be blessed and our needs be met! St. Joseph I also ask that you please thank our savior for his many blessings that we receive daily. Thank him for his love and forgiveness for myself and my family. Also St. Joseph I thank you and all other SAints and Angels in heaven for your love and blessings as well.

IN jesus name I pray

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