I believe we was put in each other lives to help each other

by Lisa ()

Hi, I moved 3 hours away from my hometown, the end of August 2020 to start a new life, after cheating took my marriage from me . A week of being there, I was outside looking at the sky, it was gloomy, red, smoky, but oh so beautiful. I heard a voice say “ this is a crazy looking morning” , and I agreed. Long part short, we became friends that day, and within a few days we was boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s hasn’t been 2 months yet, and we have had 3 serious arguments. The last one he didn’t speak, email, call, text , or stop by my apartment for a week. I became so worried, and scared he vanished on me and I didn’t know what to do or if I would ever see or hear from him again. I began to pack my bags and drive 3 hours away to my hometown. I ended up at my Mother’s house. I poured all my feelings out in emails to him, and it hurt every time I didn’t get a response. You see this time around I relapsed and it destroyed him. I gave it time like my mother told me, and boom he emailed me. I found out he tried to commit suicide because he thought he lost me to my drug of choice, he was highly depressed, and disappointed at me. He loved and missed me so much he had to hear me, speak to me, and see me. I wanted the same. I thank my father because, I believe he put this man in my life to help me be strong, and to keep me guided. For me, I believe my father put me in his life to also show him there is still life that is filling and happy after he lost his mother due to drinking in 2007, was beaten as a child by foster parents, and beaten/cheated on by 3 ex girlfriends prior to us being together. His father and my boyfriend say, I remind them off is Mother. We are both in love, young, and know we are good for each other, but I ask for prayer for us to keep strength and encouragement with each other. I ask for prayer because he lost his job also and he has a problem with drinking,and huge insecurity issues, when it comes to me and other guys. Reminder, He been cheated, and beaten on in his pass by 3 of his ex girlfriends and foster parents, So a major problem with ptsd, abandonment issues, depression, I also sense bipolar disorder, with anxiety . I also have ptsd, depression, major anxiety, but I do take medication. I strongly believe, if I get all prayer warriors together on this, I can request prayer for his mind, body, soul,to be free of drinking, and start healing the best way he can from losing his Mother, by finding closure. I tried but wasn’t successful. He is the most loving, misunderstood man, and I know with prayer he can come out of this. Please pray for Us. I’m 34 years old with no kids and separated last year from a 10 1/2 year marriage, while he’ll be 28 this December 2020 and he has a 6 year old son. We are located in beautiful California. Thank you in advance. Lisa

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