I Believe Miracles do happen

by Gemini (Norway)

Dear God,

I do believe miracles do happen, we are still waiting for the ansswer of all our prayers, you know Dear God that we need your urgent answer to our financial difficulties, we are dependent in every sales of our project, last monday my husband had presentations of our projects we prayed and still praying everyday waiting for the positive answer from them after the presentation it is already 4 days since then and still they did not contacted my husband, in our situation right now we are really in need of there positive response, we are really desperate now because we have a lot og payables due already and our house is also in danger with the sitaution.We really hope that you will send your salvation for us today. We have faith you know that Lord we hope that our waiting will be over and that our prayers is worth waiting for. Thanks you Lord because we know that you are listening to our prayers and we know that you are doing it right now. in Jesus name we pray Amen

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