I became disabled about a year ago

Dear Lord, I do give you thanks for the many blessings of this life. I am asking you please for help now. I became disabled about a year ago when I became too weak going up stairs and standing from sitting. My balance is also iffy and I am a fall risk.I am thankful for a wonderful friend who helps me get around and whose parents let me stay in their home. I have a home I am paying a mortgage on, but cannot live there because it has too many stairs.

I am feeling frustrated and depressed because I went from moving around adequately to disabled. I am 60 years old and think I could offer a lot even as a retiree if I could have the chance. I have worked as a math tutor and want to again, but have trouble getting the word out. I also need to see a doctor who can really get to the bottom of my problem; other docs have diagnosed a thyroid problem as a cause of my weakness. That thankfully has been taken care of, but I am no better. My friend can take me to a doctor, but he is overwhelmed. He helps a poor family that sometimes gets demanding, and it’s hurt both our finances,
There are people who have it a lot worse than we do. I still feel isolated and depressed, however. Please, please give me a reason for hope.

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