I ask you to help me with a financial miracle to pay for my home

by Jacquelene (Florida)

Lord, please help me, please help me. I can no longer do this, im at my wits end. Lord I put everything in your hands. Lord I ask you to help me with a financial miracle to pay for my home which I am 3 months behind on, to pay off all my credit card debts, student loans and my daughter’s college plan.

Lord I am behind on everything and I have to it all by myself including taking care of my autistic brother and my daughter. Lord please help me in my job, help me to fill the classrooms by May 19th,2014. Lord I am so stressed out and there seems to be no end. Lord please also help me with my health the stress has brought on thyroid issues, I have high blood pressure and borderline diabetes. Lord please protect my body from a stroke or heart attack due to the stress.

Lord I stretch my hands out to you, Lord, please lift me up and out of this financial pit and I ask you to bring a husband to me, the one you have chosen for me, please reveal him to me and let us know each other as we meet.

Lord, I thank you for providing the $440 last week that I needed for my job conference. I had no money and you provided it for me, so I know that just believing and having faith and being faithful to you, you will provide that financial blessing that I need right now. Lord, I pray for the guidance and protection of my brother and my daughter and I pray that I will be able to pay up my daughter’s college plan as she wants to go to college and that is the way I was helping her to get there.

Lord help me, and all the other prayer warriors that need your help and have placed a prayer on here. I ask all my prayer warriors to stand in agreement with my prayer as I stand in agreement with all your prayers. In Jesus holy and precious name I pray Amen.

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