I Ask You My God To Not Let My past Mistakes Keep Me From Geting Hired

by Humble Servant (My Fathers House)

Father I know everything above and below the stars belong to you. I am one of your children and I humbly ask you to put me in good favor in the hearts of the employer I ask you to put in there hearts loving kindness and opportunity towards me and they give me this job.

Father I know I have struggled in my past but I never gave up I always know you are here with me and for me, As one of your children I humbly ask for your help to get this job so I may take care of my kids and be there for my parents and siblings. I claim this JOB in the Name of My heavenly father who has created me to love and praise his words.
I ask this in the name of all my ancestors who always love you and taught me how to Love You.

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