I ask you grant us with a miraculous healing in your Holy name

by Mike V (Salt Lake City Utah)

Lord-Jesus I come to you heavy hearted and broken. My wife and I have been seperated for almost 2 months. Lord-I see the demonic attacks on our marriage. We have many hurts of the past-Lord-Jesus, I ask you grant us with a miraculous healing in your Holy name Lord.

Lord – as I read these heart breaking prayers from others. I would ask you Lord to remind them of their first love who is You Jesus. You are good all the time – I ask that in Jesus name that the evil be purged from ALL of our marriages and we can reconcile with You – and with each and every one of our spouses. Remove those evil spirits – in Jesus name I command those spirits that are within the men and women be cast out. Lord remove those toxic people from our lives – remove the wedge between michelle and i and put it between the people who are poisonous. You know who is yours – who is chosen – we are yours Lord. Help us remember who is our first love- you Lord. Jesus help us to get out of the way. Help us to remember that we are no longer slaves of the world – but free slaves in You. We have no rights to command anything except in you Lord.

We have been given a promise that You said – let man not be alone but have a partner who is like him. Help bring us our other halves – so that we can be made whole and that we may serve you all of our days Jesus. You are our wonderful counselor Lord – counsel us Jesus in these difficult times. This is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Lord, grant me peace, grace, comfort, wisdom, humility, and confidence in You Jesus.

You know what it was like to be betrayed by your first love – let us remember our covenant to You Lord – may each of us remember that and our marriage second. Bless our children Lord – with protection and care. In Jesus name—amen